Bugatti Galibier hybrid as model heads to production

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Bugatti Galibier Concept

The Bugatti Galibier 16C model will make it to production, becoming the second model in the Bugatti line-up alongside the hypercar Veyron. The Galibier will be a luxury sedan model and should also get a hybrid version in addition to the W16 engine option to be borrowed from the Veyron. The model will have a larger production run but will sit firmly in the exclusive category, to be sold at a price of over one million pounds.

The news comes from Car who interviewed Bugatti president and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer. They say that two Bugatti Galibier models will be available, one of which will be the hybrid version, and a sales of about 3,000 models can be expected. Obviously factory expansion and design development (but with a “design freeze” in autumn) is being planned to make way for the new model and in addition to using the W16 engine, technical developments such as the reappearance of a dual-clutch gearbox should occur. It hasn’t been decided whether the Galibier will use a carbon fibre monocoque or aluminium spaceframe construction.

In terms of luxury the fact that porcelain trimmings are being considered for the interior is enough to convince us (not to mention the price tag). With final Veyron models being built, Bugatti is examining where it can take its brands, with a road-going sports car and this luxury limousine being considered at this stage.

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