Aston Martin Virage test drive video from Autocar

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The Aston Martin Virage is “undeniably a beautiful car”. In fact, Aston does beauty very well but in this Virage test drive video from Autocar, the English publication asks itself if Aston hasn’t built one car too many, showing that Aston’s creative inspiration for the modern era stops here.

With Aston Martin saying that no revolution is needed right now, the new virage sits between the Aston Martin DB9 and the DBS models. It has quite a bit more performance and drive feel than the DB9, almost to DBS levels, but with more comfort than the latter. The Virage is nothing short of “fantastic” - both refined and with plenty of performance produced by its tweaked V12 engine.

The Virage manages the fast but relaxed mix quite well, making for a nice road car that could make it to the track as well. Its carbon ceramic brakes as standard are particularly impressive, and it can do 0-100 km/hr in less than five seconds. Steve Sutcliffe says it’s a really great car but that Aston probably needs to start to think about its future, and mix things up a little. We’d be happy to see what that could entail.

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