Volkswagen Alfa wishful thinking? Alfa Romeo to get Porsche engines in Volkswagen takeover

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Alfa Romeo 4C Concept - Salone di Ginevra Live 2011

Back to a possible Volkswagen acquisition of Alfa Romeo, you might wonder what part of Sergio Marchionne’s declaration “Alfa is not for sale” the VAG group doesn’t understand. In any case, if Volkswagen were to acquire Alfa Romeo there are already some sales predictions and production plans in place.

At least, that’s what we’ve been lead to believe although we think the ‘plans’ are probably more rough estimates about what Volkswagen could achieve with the Italian brand. According to Autocar, one of those plans would be to place a new-entry level Porsche engine in Alfa models.

Porsche is currently developing a new flat-four engine to equip an entry-level roadster model, and adopting that engine on other models (ie possible Alfa models) would provide greater return on investment. In addition, it would provide Alfa Romeo with a little more sports soul in line with the brand’s traditions.

The VW portfolio already includes a number of brands but according to industry whispers, an Alfa Romeo purchase would help the company to its goal of being the world’s largest car manufacturer by 2018. For us the continuing conjectures about a possible Volkswagen future for Alfa Romeo are in the opposite of public claims from Fiat that the brand is not for sale. Still, we won’t hold our breath and will see how this pans out in the future….

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