Lancia Thema official video

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It’s not an easy task to evaluate the Lancia Thema for a European audience, let alone traditional Lancia fans who aren’t very impressed with the American design masquerading as a Lancia. The “new” Thema is just one of the borrowed Chrysler models that now comprise the updated Lancia range.

So far the verdict from the pundits seems to be that the Thema won’t be a great success for Lancia - it hasn’t been Lancia-ised enough to appeal to the traditional Lancia public, nor to the broader European car market. The model keeps the 3.6-litre V6 Pentastar engine with 292 hp and eight-speed automatic transmission, and gets a new three-litre V6 diesel with 190 or 224 hp and a five-speed automatic transmission..

Unless customers were already interested in the Chrysler option, it might be difficult for Lancia to place its new Thema model and we imagine it won’t exactly be economic. It’s not the model in itself as clearly it’s a quality car with some good attributes - it’s just that whether it works in Europe with a Lancia badge might prove to be difficult.

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