BMW X5 2007 - leaked photo ?

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BMW X5 2007

Update: this is a computer-generated image that’s been going around for a while. See here for the latest X5 E70 spyshots.

According to Inside Line, this image of the BMW X5 2007 has been leaked on new BMW X5 has been leaked before timeby glass supplier (Saint-Gobain Autover), maybe anxious to exalt the role it has played in the developmente of the upcoming X5 II, has posted a photo and a brief blurb on its site:

“The second-generation X5 model will be larger and more versatile, with a seven-seat interior option; it will feature all-new suspension, revised diesel engines and new [gasoline] V8s”.

As pertains the “revised diesel engines”, it seems probable that we’ll see the latest powerstep for the 3.0d (231 ps, instead of the 218 ps of the current X5) and the new 3 liters sequential bi-turbo with 286 ps seen on the just announced X3 3.0sd.

Among gasoline engines, the entry-level should be the 6-inline 3.0si with 272 ps, followed (maybe?) by the 6-inline bi-turbo with 306 ps. Next up the “new V8s”: german magazine Auto Bild writes about two 4.4-liters engines, one naturally aspirated with 394 ps and one turbo-charged with power enough to rival the Cayenne Turbo S (521 ps).

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