Alfa Romeo Giulietta reaches 2010 sales targets

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

According to reports from Italy, the new Alfa Giulietta hatchback has just about reached its 2010 sales targets of 40,000 vehicles, selling 39,800 units by year’s end. It’s encouraging news for the model itself, but also the brand as it might go some way to mollifying Sergio Marchionne’s hard stance on the brand so far. The sales refer to the European market alone, as the Giulietta isn’t available on the American or Asian car markets yet, with a particular success on the German market where the brand has grown 113.5 percent. Could that make a Volkswagen purchase of Alfa Romeo even more appetising…? Despite the good news, 2011 should prove to be a tough year for the Giulietta with targets of 100,000 sales set. Apart from the MiTo, it’s virtually Alfa’s only real offering at the moment and we doubt one model can carry the brand, so here’s hoping for a sports Alfa to turn up sometime soon.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Alfa Romeo Giulietta Alfa Romeo Giulietta Alfa Romeo Giulietta

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