NASCAR's racer Jeff Gordon fools unaware car salesman

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Picture yourself as an unaware car salesman, who’s taking a customer for a test drive, just to find yourself into one of the scariest rides of your life. That is what happened to ‘Steve’, a Chevrolet sales rep, when he proposed to a potential client to try out one of the sportscars for sale.

Unfortunately Steve didn’t know that the seemingly inoffensive customer was in fact four-time champion Jeff Gordon, renamed as Mike for the occasion. Wearing a very convincing disguise, Jeff clumsily starts the engine of the Camaro, while the amused salesman gave him very basic driving instructions. What happens next is as hilarious as you might guess.

Poor Steve is caught up in a high-speed NASCAR-like drive with all the trimmings. Several terrifying driftings later, after nearly hitting a gate and an incoming vehicle, ‘Mike’ finally pull over the car, while the visibly shaken car dealer threatens to call the police. All’s well that ends well, the stunt was just a prank to promote Pepsi Max and Steve eventually cracks a smile for the cameras. Was the advert a fake? Maybe, but one thing is sure, it was highly entertaining!

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