Opel Corsa made in Korea to European tastes

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Opel Corsa 2011

We’ve already discussed how a Korean Opel Corsa might fare in Europe and it seems that General Motors’ european division is just as aware of the fact as the consumer is. According to Autocar, GM Europe has a challenge on its hands convincing European customers that a Korean designed Opel Corsa will be to their taste.

The Korean research and development facilities are working on the next Corsa platform, but General Motors has said the car will be engineered in Germany. That should go some way to appeasing customer concerns over build quality, but the design work is still being done in Korea, meaning Europe will have to put up with an Asian-styled Corsa, unless the R&D division produces a European design.

Previously, reports have been that the new Opel Corsa could even be manufactured in Korea which won’t bode well for its success on the European market. It may seem harsh to judge a model that we haven’t even seen yet, but the Corsa is a big seller for Opel and one of the reasons behind that has been its reliability and quality. General Motors might still produce a good version, but it will have quite a hurdle to negotiate in European prejudices before it’s accepted.

Opel Corsa 2011 Opel Corsa 2011 Opel Corsa 2011 Opel Corsa 2011

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