New Lancia Stratos specs released

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New Lancia Stratos one-off by Pininfarina

Pininfarina has invested in making sure its new Lancia Stratos is just a impressive as the old one, in performance terms. The new Stratos is a hot retro model, unfortunately a one-off creation so we won’t be seeing anymore of these around, and uses the same aluminium chassis as the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. It has a lightweight frame, uses carbon fibre body parts and is equipped with a 4.3-litre V8 engine, up from the 508 hp of the Ferrari to 540 hp.

Does that sound fast or what? In fact, 100 km/hr is reached in just 3.3 seconds. 9.7 seconds takes you to 200 km/hr and there’s 500 Nm of torque to get you there. Top speed is 274 km/hr which is not huge, but that’s not the point of this nifty track job. Some aerodynamic alterations and greater stability are what have contributed to the reduced overall speed, but we’d not say no to a track drive in what should be a superb handling vehicle.

A six-speed gearbox with split-second shift time is included and the new Stratos is fitted with 19-inch wheels. Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes feature as well. In the 1,247 kg weight, accessories are obviously kept to a minimum, but this a pure, Pininfarina created, drivers’ car. We’re officially envious. Go to for all the details.

New Lancia Stratos one-off by Pininfarina New Lancia Stratos one-off by Pininfarina New Lancia Stratos one-off by Pininfarina New Lancia Stratos one-off by Pininfarina

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