Sauber Formula 1 pit crew do the Harlem Shake

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Nobody seems to be immune to latest internet meme, in which groups of people from the most disparate backgrounds get together to perform a short comedy sketch on the beat of a famous dance song. Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about the “Harlem ShakeYouTube’s phenomenal video that sees five Australian teenagers dancing their pants off on a heavy-bass tune.

The automotive industry got also dragged into the dancing antics. First it was four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon and his team, now it’s the turn of Sauber F1 team to let loose and go crazy at the rhythm of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”. Formula One mechanics are well known for their no-nonsense attitude, when it comes to pit stop work and seeing them performing such a routine is quite hilarious.

The entire pit crew seems having the time of their life, dancing and wielding the most bizarre track objects, while the driver stops hoping for a full service, which does not seem to happen. Let’s hope that at the beginning of the season in Australia the team will go back to their serious and meticulous self.

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