Citroen DS3 wins Top Gear car of the year award

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I’ll admit I was a little disappointed at some of the results from the 2011 European Car of the Year Award. Perhaps it’s because most electric cars don’t really excite the socks off me (the Nissan Leaf won this year and deservedly so by the sounds of it), or that we’re all gunning for the Alfa Giulietta to do well and get back some of that old Alfa glory, and perhaps also because I have a secret soft spot for the Citroen DS3. So here is Top Gear to remedy that for me, as the 2010 Top Gear Car of the Year Award goes to the hot little Citroen hatch.

We’ve heard that the DS3 is not exactly likely to blow your mind in terms of performance, but is rather, more akin to a tarted up version of the C3. In that case - what a tart! The Top Gear magazine says:

“The DS3 has pulled off that heady mix of ability, excitement and affordability that’s impossible to ignore. It walks so many fine lines so delicately and so comprehensively that it’s hard to find a chink in the armour. The Top Gear Car of the Year is a small, thoughtful, affordable, stylish, fun little hatchback. It’s the people’s champion.”

I’d consider buying one if that was the kind of car I needed. An acquaintance of mine recently went for a sky blue Citroen C3 model and I asked if they hadn’t considered the DS3 as so much cooler, more appealing and more entertaining. The answer: “It’s only got three doors.” Well, whatever….

Citroën DS3 new pics Citroën DS3 new pics Citroën DS3 new pics Citroën DS3 new pics

Source | Top Gear via WCF

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