Nissan to develop human-skin-like upholstery material

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2013 Nissan GT-R

When we think about luxury cars one of the first things that comes to mind are comfortable Alcantara leather seats. Well forget about that, now luxury has reached a totally new level and the lavish material to go for in the nearby future is faux human skin. No jokes here, or at least not for Nissan.

The Japanese carmaker has invested a good load of money in the development of a synthetic material for car upholstery that feels like human skin. After conducting a market research study it surfaced that the warm and soft touch of a human hand is one of the most treasured sensory experiences, therefore Nissan is trying to replicate such feeling for the production of its next-gen interior fabric.

To be precise Nissan wants to manufacture a material that holds the same properties of a human finger, such as texture, warmth and humidity. As much as the Japanese carmaker wants to portray this artificial upholstery as cutting-edge, deep down it brings us mixed feelings. It might be because it reminds us a bit of “The silence of the lambs”?

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