No Volkswagen Polo sedan for US

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Volkswagen Polo sedan

Given that the US is currently undergoing a love-affair with the newly released Volkswagen Jetta, there probably won’t be too much disappointment that the Volkswagen Polo sedan will unlikely get a stateside debut. Volkswagen is steadily shoring-up its US market presence with the new Jetta and future models of the NMS (New Midsize Sedan) and the New Beetle. Not only is the new product that’s on its way appealing, the Jetta itself is winning hearts in the US.

With good German build technology, an attractive and competitive price-tag, good design and a fancy launch, the Volkswagen Jetta in the US can’t get any better. It looks like it will be the one to beat in this popular and competitive segment. So why worry about whether the Volkswagen Polo sedan, initially intended for emerging markets, will ever make it to the US?

The Volkswagen Polo sedan, or Volkswagen Vento, will first make its debut in Russia before being rolled out to other European and Asian markets. It represents a dubious choice for the US market, though, especially in terms of appeal and cost. Volkswagen has stated it would prefer to invest in a quirkier downmarket choice and would prefer to dedicate production at its Tenessee and Mexican plants to “more profitable models”.

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