Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept to debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

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The 2013 Geneva Motor Show (7-17 March) will see the debut of the Alfa Romeo Gloria, a brand new concept from the Italian carmaker that has been developed by the the students of European Design Institute of Turin and is meant to anticipate a possible high-end sedan. Sporty and sleek, the model measures 4.70 meters in length, 1.92 meters in width and 1.32 meters in height, with a wheel-base of 2.90 meters and a four-door bodywork. Moreover, the car is designed to host Maserati-sourced V6 and V8 units, and that definitely makes it even more exciting.

Students and designers created the Gloria in collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Style Centre targeting the international market, especially American and Asian markets. The lines of the bonnet are pretty reminiscent of the ‘classic’ Alfa Romeo shield, something that highlights the three-dimensional aspects of its form.

The inanimate 1:1 scale model of the Alfa Romeo Gloria will be in Switzerland at the European Design Institute stand, but there will also be the chance to experience it through augmented reality (AR): the concept will be reproduced on the iPad in a virtual environment, where it will be possible to interact with it, choosing between five models of rims and five body colours to try out, replacing the real ones.

César Mendoza, Director of IED Turin, commented:

“The possibility of developing a concept car in collaboration with the Alfa Romeo Style that we were offered was a great opportunity to demonstrate that the IED is, first of all, an Italian school that aims to generate beauty. What better brand than Alfa Romeo to teach our students how form and volume can convey strong emotions, fuelling the desire to design a car? The passion that the brand evokes had a powerful impact on the students and teaching staff, allowing them to push themselves within tight deadlines to achieve the final delivery of a project which was unquestionably complex. Today, the European Design Institute is proud to represent Italian teaching excellence internationally.”

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