US driver finds a feathered stowaway in her SUV

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Sonji Coney Williams, a motorist from Florida, was shocked to find a stowaway on board of her Ford SUV, but here comes the twist: the intruder wasn’t human, it was a Great Horned Owl that the driver hit with her vehicle 24 hours previously.

“I was driving at about 60 miles an hour and he never moved and so I said ‘my God I hit a bird’ and I felt so bad, but it was very dark and I didn’t pull over” Ms. Williams revealed, adding “there was a family that pulled in front of my parking space and flag me down and said ‘don’t move, you have something in the grille of your truck’ and I said ‘what is it?’ and they said ‘it’s an owl’.”

The family spotted the bird’s big yellow eyes through the grille of the car and got immediately alarmed. It is not clear how the owl got trapped in the radiator, neither how he managed to survive for an entire day in the engine truck, while the woman was travelling at such a high speed. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Service was called out to rescue the bird, who surprisingly was in good health and was later released in his natural habitat in Central Florida.

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