Bugatti's global benchmark in sales is a woman.

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As many of us are struggling to pay for essentials to keep our beloved compact car running, the luxury car market doesn’t seem to be affected by the financial crisis in any way. We know that the high-end segment usually follows its own dynamics, which are far from the standard marketing logics, and maybe that is why a Bugatti saleswoman has managed to sell 11 Veyrons, worth more than £13m in one year.

Anita Krizsan, an Hungarian-born sales person, employed at Jack Barclay exclusive dealership in Mayfair London, has sold 11 luxury cars in just 12 months, during 2012. Her being a woman in an industry mostly run by men hasn’t affected her brilliant selling performance. Her secret? A good knowledge of cars and phenomenal networking skills. A key-aspect of her job is to follow the customer step by step, from the first visit at the showroom, through the driving test at Bugatti’s French factory, to the after sale customer service.

Anita travels everywhere she is needed, she even flies to every handover to personally deliver the vehicle’s keys to the wealthy owners. But how does she spot a wannabe Bugatti customer? As she revealed “There isn’t a typical profile of a Bugatti customer other than a car collector, and a confident and successful business man. I have met owners from 19 to 70 years old. I didn’t think Bugatti customers are different at all from other supercar customers until I met them. They are all passionate about their cars and treat you like an equal business partner. They trust me implicitly to manage the transaction.” And they do trust her, as just last week she sold her eleventh Veyron, costing £1.7m.

Although Anita did not disclose any detail of her commission-based package, is possible to trace her profit at around £100,000 a year. Mrs. Krizsan also revealed she is working on selling the first Bugatti built using elements of gold, which might be one of the few units tuned by Mansory. No wonder she was dubbed by Bugatti’s boss ‘global benchmark’ in sales.

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