Opel Adam R2 Rally Concept

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Opel Adam R2

This is the latest creation from Opel Motorsports. Although you won’t be able to buy it for the road, the hatchback will be sold to rallying teams rather than being campaigned by the manufacturer. The new car has been built to FIA R2 regulations and is based on the Adam Cup. Opel describe it as “Chic, classy and eye-catching”, because of its OPC body kit with roof mounted air scoop and light weight wheels we have to agree that it’s an attractive car, but that’s not the point of anything that’s raced.

The sports suspension can be altered for gravel or tarmac stages and the Brembo brakes have been designed to work under all conditions, so snow, ice, mud and gravel won’t alter their performance. Inside the cabin has all the safety requirements you’d expect, so Sparco seats are provided for the driver and co-driver, who sit within a roll cage and in front of digital instruments and there’s an electric fire extinguisher, which should be adequate to turn out any fires that originates in the cabin.

Opel Adam R2

Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2

When the Adam R2 hits the world’s rally stages it will rival machines like the Ford Fiesta R2 that was developed in the UK by M-Sports. The M-Sports Fiesta converts the standard road car with new engine parts to uplift performance and uprated suspension, as well as a new gearbox and brakes, but it uses as many standard parts as possible to limit costs. The Opel has been built on the same principle, so under the bonnet there’s the same 1.6 litre EcoTec engine you’d find on the road, but this one pumps out 185 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. A five-speed manual transmission with sequential shifts has also been included.

Opel will introduce the machine in Geneva next month. Once they’ve finished its development and homologation later in the year, it will become eligible for national championships across Europe.

Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2Opel Adam R2

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