Teaser Toyota FT-86 Open and Toyota i-Road Concepts

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teaser Toyota FT-86 Open concept e Toyota i-Road

Although nothing much can be made from these images, which Toyota released to the press prior to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, they do point to the future direction Toyota will take. The Toyota FT-86 Open concept anticipates the future technical and stylistic approach that future evolutions of the GT86 will take, whilst the Toyota i-Road is a design study that anticipates a future in which low emissions will be the main design requisite.

The sketch for the FT-86 concept looks like it was drawn by hand in a matter of seconds, so it doesn’t show us much. What we can tell from it is that the car will retain its rear seat, which will give it an edge over rivals like the Mazda MX-5. Toyota hopes that the concept will generate enough interest in the car for it to be put into production.

The other concept is very much at the design stage. Very little is known over the company’s brief that the new vehicle will produce zero emissions and will carry two passengers, which the drawing shows will be a pillion seating arrangement with the passenger behind the driver.

Our understanding is that the after the Geneva Motor Show launch next month, the Toyota FT-86 Open will get the green light for production. When that happens, it will become known as the GT-86, as the FT tag is only used on prototypes as it means “Future Toyota”. Aside from these two concepts, Toyota will be bringing the production-ready Auris Touring Sports. This will be the first Auris available as an estate and one that will be built in the UK.

teaser Toyota FT-86 Open concept and Toyota i-Road

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