Subaru BRZ RA Racing

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Subaru BRZ RA Racing

Shortly after the unveiling of the Subaru BRZ about a year ago, the Japanese carmaker also introduced the BRZ RA, a no-frills variant of its then brand-new rear wheel drive coupe that was specifically dedicated to the tuning enthusiasts, those who would have gotten rid of all the useless bits anyway to have it properly customized.

Now Subaru presents the new Subaru BRZ RA Racing, a track-oriented version of the BRZ that also got stripped down of everything that is not functional to achieve the best possible performance on a proper circuit. In other words, forget about audio system, fancy finish, air conditioning and other such amenities, and say hello to the six-point roll-cage, racing seats with four-point harnesses and additional cooling. Basically, the Subaru BRZ RA Racing is designed for those who want to build a race car, changing most of the mechanical parts as well as brakes, suspension, wheels and so on.

Mechanical changes include a Torsen limited-slip differential, high performance brakes with larger discs on both axles and new ducts for cooling, brake dust covers, aluminum under cover for the engine, front and rear tow hooks and a new engine oil cooler. The Subaru BRZ RA Racing is equipped with the standard 2.0-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder DOHC unit of the ‘regular’ BRZ, with D4-S injection system and credited with an output of 200 hp and maximum torque of 205 Nm. Available with a six-speed manual transmission only, the BRZ RA Racing is now on sale in Japan only at a price of 2,868,000 yen (roughly € 23,300 / $ 31,480 / £ 20,000). It is unclear whether this variant of the BRZ will eventually be marketed abroad.

Subaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA Racing

Subaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA RacingSubaru BRZ RA Racing

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