Cadillac One Presidential Limo - "The Beast"

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Cadillac One Presidential Limo

We’ve probably all heard of Air Force One, the official air traffic control call sign for an airplane carrying the President of the United States, so the name of this bullet-proof, reinforced, and uprated Cadillac shouldn’t surprise anyone. What might be surprising is the price of the Cadillac One Presidential Limo. Around $1,000,000 of American’s tax dollars are spent on a single car. That’s $920,000 more than the combined price of the Escalade, STS and Kodiak vehicles on which it’s based.

Once they’re inside, the President and First Lady find themselves surrounded by 8 inches of armour-plating that will withstand bullets and bomb blasts. Run-flat tyres and all-wheel drive give the car traction no matter obstacles are thrown at it. But all the extra weight means an estimated 0 to 62 mph time of 15 seconds. That’s about 2 seconds quicker than a 1960s Lada.

Wherever they go a motorcade of 20 vehicles surrounds them, including medical staff, personal chefs, as well as the security personnel you’d expect to see whenever the President sticks his head outdoors. Aside from the President himself, the next most important person in the entourage could well be the man carrying the America’s nuclear missile launch codes in a briefcase.

The all-new saloon has been tailored for the 44th President, but it doesn’t just stick to American road. British Press nicknamed it “The Beast” when it was flown across the pond for Obama’s 2011 visit that took him to 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. Outside the Palace, the President might have noticed the Queen’s Bentley State Limousine, which has all the luxuries and a lot of the same protective measures his limo does, but produces less CO2 as it’s been converted to run on biofuel. As Obama’s limo is only good for 8 mpg, maybe that’s the only upgrade it could do with.

Cadillac One Presidential Limo

Cadillac One Presidential LimoCadillac One Presidential LimoCadillac One Presidential LimoCadillac One Presidential Limo

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