Chrysler-Lancia Thesis rendering: replacing the Thesis with the 200C

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Chrysler Lancia Thesis rendering

Another sexy rendering, this time of the Lancia Thesis, comes from Theophilus Chin, and Chrysler 300 C or not, a model like this could definitely make an impact on the US market. It’s basically a merging of the Chrysler 200C hybrid concept car, and the Lancia Thesis. In fact, the suggestion is to replace the Thesis with the 200C, and this is what you get.

I was at first quite skeptical about how Fiat-Chrsyler style would go together, particularly on some of the larger Chrsyler models that haven’t been crash hot on the European market. In addition, with some concern about how succesful a hatch like the Alfa Milano might be in the US, you’re starting to get a mine field of possible design downfalls for the new venture. It will all be up to the guys at Fiat-Chrysler, but with a design like this Chrysler-Lancia Thesis, they don’t have to go far to look for inspiration.

Chrysler Lancia Thesis rendering Chrysler Lancia Thesis rendering

Source | Theophilus Chin

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