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Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\

German tuner DMC has released some graphic reconstructions of a hypothetical body kit for the latest Ferrari-branded mastepiece, the Ferrari F12berlinetta. This exotic kit, dubbed ‘Spia’ (’Spy’ in Italian) should to be built pretty soon and then applied to a test car, but the tuner is also working on some mechanical enhancement that will improve performance and power delivery of the already impressive 12-cylinder cylinder of the F12berlinetta. Among the modifications, there will be an upgrade of the electronic control unit and the addition of a new titanium exhaust system. Apparently, the power of new flagship of the Prancing Horse will go from 740 to 764 hp, but nithing has been revealed about the torque.

Thanks to these changens, DMC reckons that their revised Ferrari F12berlinetta will reach 350 km/h (217 mph) of top speed, whereas the standard version can reach only the 340 km/h mark (211 mph). All that power will get to the ground through the rear wheels only, which will be a pair of exclusive 22-inch alloy wheels paired with 335/25 tires, At the front instead there will be two matching 21-inch rims wearing 255/30 tires. The body kit will be entirely made of carbon fiber and will provide the car with more aggressive aesthetics, with the fron dominated by a very pronounced splitter that is expected to further improve the car’s handling.

Also new are the bonnet, the side skirts and the air intake placed on the roof, that comes down covering a small part of the windscreen. On the back there is a spoiler that is somewhat reminiscent of the Ferrari 599XX and comes with a new rear window. The passenger compartment would undergo some changes too, with new Italian leather and carbon fiber inserts as well as a redesigned steering wheel. However, clients will be offered plenty of options for the customization of the interior, so that they’ll get exactly what they want.

Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\

Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\Ferrari F12berlinetta: l\

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