Ferrari F150: the latest renderings

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Ferrari F150: ecco gli ultimi render

Designer Evren Milano has promptly released these two interesting renderings of the upcoming Ferrari F150 based on the first official tesaers released by the Italian manufacturer (which we introduced yesterday in a dedicated post). Mr.Milano focused his attention on the front of the car - though Ferrari released a shady image of the back as well - opting for a mix of styles that recalls mainly the 458 Italia, with a hint of F12 Berlinetta too. The designer named this graphic reconstructionF70‘, a code that has been widely used so far to indicate the successor of the Ferrari Enzo, along with the ‘F150′ tag.

As you would expect for a car of this leverage, the features of the ‘new Enzo‘ will be nothing short of amazing. Let’s take the chassis for instance, which has been developed over a period of more than three years by a team of engineers involved in both Formula 1 and road cars: the frame uses four different types of carbon that were combined to optimize the performance of the various components. As a result, the F150 has torsional strength increased by 27% and 22% stiffer than the Ferrari Enzo.

Other major objectives of the designers of the F150 were the lowering of the ride-height and the shortening of the wheelbase as they wanted make the new car more similar in size to the 458 Italia (in spite of the fact it will have to accommodate a 6.3-litre V12 HY-KERS unit). The model will also come with a special hybrid technology that will serve two purposes: increasing the performance and reducing the environmental impact of the car. Ferrari’s engineers claim that this technology allows the F150 to improve its performance on the 0-200 km/h (124 mph) sprint time by 10%, while fuel consumption and emissions would go down by a pretty impressive 40%. Chances are Ferrari will decide to unveils its new masterpiece next March at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari F150: ecco gli ultimi renderFerrari F150: ecco gli ultimi render

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