Corvette: Tradition, Cinema and the New C7

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Corvette: tradition, cinema and the new C7

Following on from the teaser video we brought you last month, Chevrolet has released these renderings of the 2013 Corvette C7.

These official images are supposed to remind us of the car’s glorious past and link the new model with the glamour of the movies, but because of its red exterior, the gapping front grille and narrow headlights, we’re reminded of the Ferrari 599. That’s no bad thing, but we doubt the ride and handling will be on par with the Ferrari.

When Mark Reuss, GM’s North American President, addressed journalists at the 2012 LA International Auto Show, he said the new ‘Vette, which will be launched on January 13th at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, “will offer an entirely new driving experience – one that’s refined and redefined.” It will also be the quickest Corvette yet.

Although there was speculation that a small capacity turbo charged engine would power this generation, the new car will come with a 6.2 litre V-8 that’s capable of pulling it to 60mph in 4.0 seconds. Even though there are no changes in the engine’s capacity, Chevy promise that the new car will improve on the current model’s 26mpg economy rate and reduce emissions by 25 percent.

Let’s hope that the new ‘Vette is as impressive on the road as it is in our shots.

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Corvette: tradition, cinema and the new C7Corvette: tradition, cinema and the new C7Corvette: tradition, cinema and the new C7Corvette: tradition, cinema and the new C7

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