Ferrari F-150: First Official Pictures

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Ferrari F150: the first official teasers

Taking the first look at a brand new Ferrari model isn’t something that we get to do every day, so although these teaser shots don’t show us much, we can’t help getting excited like a kid at Christmas.

Code named the F-70, this hypercar is part of the bloodline that produced the F-40 and the Enzo. Not much is known about the car, but expectations are that it will build on findings gathered from testing the FXX. Speculation is that the new car will weigh 1,000 kg, which would make it less than 75 percent of the weight of its predecessor.

The F-150 will provide more horsepower than any other production Ferrari and will decrease fuel consumption by 40 percent when compared with the Enzo. Around 800hp will be available, which is on par with the Italian marque’s Formula One car, the F2012. Like the single-seater, the F-150 will supplement its power through KERS technology, however the 6.3 litre engine won’t be able to rev anywhere near the 18,000rpm that Fernando Alonso had available to him in 2012.

Given that Ferrari couldn’t get the Ford Motor Company to agree to their use of the name F-150 for their 2011 Formula One car, we don’t think the F-150 tag will remain when owners take delivery in 2013.

Ferrari F150: the first official teasers

Ferrari F150: the first official teasersFerrari F150: the first official teasers

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