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Europe’s stricter Euro 5 emissions standards start today, with a few changes from the previous Euro 4 legislation. The new laws seem to target diesel cars and engines in particular, focussing on significant reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions from 250 mg/km to 180 mg/km. Petrol engines also see a reduction of 25 percent from 80 to 60 mg/km. Euro 4 norms regarding CO2 emissions will remain the same.

Many of Europe’s car manufacturers have already pre-empted the new emission standards legislation, with Mercedes, for example, already offering 13 vehicles in its line-up that comply with the new norms. Volkswagen and Opel have eight vehicles that comply, followed by BMW with seven.

Toyota and Fiat both have five models each that meet Euro 5 norms. Some of the most popular models in Europe that comply with Euro 5 include the Fiat 500, the new Volkswagen Golf, the Audi A4 and the Alfa MiTo.

While vehicles that comply with Euro 4 norms can still circulate freely on days when traffic restrictions might be in place for pollution reduction measures, we can be assured that this trend to cleaner and more efficient cars will only continue.

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