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Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate

Autocar is reporting on both the Alfa Romeo Milano and the Alfa Giulia models, which are set to replace the Alfa 147 and the Alfa 159 respectively. As initially suspected, both the new Alfa models will use the C-Evo platform currently employed on the Fiat Bravo.

The C-Evo (or C-Evoluzione) platform basically improves chassis and suspension performance, with a longer wheel base (hence the larger dimension of the Alfa Milano compared to the 147) and improved suspension. The platform has been designed to be flexible enough to adapt to different car designs and makes, meaning that re-engineering is reduced to a minimum.

Entry level Giulia models will have front wheel, with Q4 all-wheel drive being an option. Further options include the new DNA system included on the MiTo, and Active Roll Control. The Alfa Giulia should also be lighter than the 159.

Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate

The much anticipated Alfa Milano model, set to replace the 147, will be presented at next year’s Geneva motor show and will also use the C-Evo platform. After already seeing some leaked photos of the Milano, we can appreciate its clean design and classic look.

It will be available strictly as a five-door model, making sure that the MiTo market is not assassinated. The latter will be the exclusive small hatch model for Alfa, leaving the Milano as a competitive larger hatch-sedan model.

It has a newly designed interior, and is doing its best to disguise its Fiat Bravo origins in both chassis and style. The Milano’s engine line-up will include the 1.4 litre Multiair units at 135 and 165 hp. The four cylinder 1.8 T-Jet turbocharged engines will also appear with 235 and 265 hp, while the diesel units will be a 1.6 litre at 120 hp and two 2.0 litre engines with 170 and 220 hp. Transmission will be six-speed manual or automatic.

In the future we should also see a GTA version with all-wheel drive exclusive to the Milano model in this case. The Milano will be on sale from this summer, while the Giulia will be available from the end of 2011, into 2012.

Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate Alfa Romeo Milano - immagini rubate

Source | Autocar on Milano and Giulia, Autoblog.it

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