BMW next-gen 7-Series might not employ a V12

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Having recently celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the V12 engine on BMW 7-Series, the Bavarian brand seems to have reconsidered the use of this kind of units. According to some rumours the future generation of BMW 7-Series, which will arrive no earlier than 2016, may not offer a V12 unit in its new engine line-up.

Apparently BMW is considering different factors before taking a decision, but the choice has been influenced by the urge to comply to strict emissions targets and also to reduce design and development costs for a model that has a fairly low market, because of the high selling price, which is somewhere between £115 and 121K depending on the version, and maintenance costs.

At BMW has been revealed: “The V12 is just the ultimate 7 Series in a certain way, and there will all the time be a particular customer base specifically wanting the prestige and the heritage of the car” . It is expected that the next generation of BMW 7-Series will adopt new hybrid technologies that will improve fuel economy and increase performance, which, anyhow is a global target for all manufacturers and for all market segments.

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