Audi A1: the super economical 1.0-litre car

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Audi A1 Sportback
In the last few days Wolfgang Durheimer not only confirmed the upcoming SUVs and the high-end R10 coupè, but Audi’s head of technical development has also revealed the first details about a new compact car, known internally as the ‘1.0-litre car’ and based on a modified version of the A1-platform.

Autocar reports that the new Audi model could have astonishing fuel consumption figures of 235 mpg. The Ingolstadt-based carmaker is about to develop an alternative vehicle to the Volkswagen XL1, which won’t be sharing any component with the upscale sister. Durheimer also revealed the new Audi will be quite economical, will have four seats and won’t adopt the 2-cylinder diesel engine already seen under the XL1’s hood, but he has not specified the type of fuel its engine will be running on.

The 1-litre Audi will be based on the A1-architecture because “weight reduction does not represent the main- engineering challenge we have to cope with”. Durheimer and his team could employ several carbon fibre parts, in addition to lightened suspension and a more essential interior. The economical A1 won’t be unveiled until 2015.

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