Tesla Model S has its first teaser image revealed

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Tesla Model S

Tesla is not satisfied about producing and selling one of the most exciting sportscars of the world, the Roadster. It also wants to offer families the chance to ride in a clean vehicle, with no carbon emissions at all, besides expanding its range. This is why the company has been talking about a sedan that will be named Model S. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, has promised to present a working prototype on March 26, but the company has given us a small hint on what the car will look like with the picture that is in this post.

There is no word on how powerful the car will be, but it is very likely to reach a lower top speed than Roadster’s in order to have a bigger range. Roadster can run up to 350 km with a full charge. Since we have mentioned it, range will be one of the great challenges for the company, once there is no combustion engine to help the car extend it, as Chevrolet Volt and Fisker Karma have. The car will count solely on its batteries electricity. And it does not help to load the car with batteries, once heavy cars are also able to run less. Let’s see how Tesla will solve this equation.

Source: Tesla via Autoblog Green

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

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