VDS GT 001

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VDS GT 001

Belgian designer Raphael van der Straeten, the mastermid behind diminutive manufacturer VDS, has recently introduced the first version of the GT 001, a new sportscar developed on the base of the Gillet Vertigo and equipped with the same Maserati V8 engine.

This 4.2-liter delivers 480 hp and is coupled to a six-speed sequential transmission, forming a new powertrain whose actual potential si still unknown as no preformance figures, neither in terms of acceleration nor in terms of top speed, have been released to date.

The VDS GT 001 uses a nomex/carbon fiber frame, while the car body is also made of carbon fiber. Through the extensive use of ultra-light materials, the overall weight of the model has been contained under the ton, more precidely at 950 kg. The Belgian coupe will be produced in 22 units only, though a more sporty variant will also be made available.

VDS GT 001VDS GT 001VDS GT 001VDS GT 001

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