Fiat 500 Bellavista: an excercise in style for a 500 Roadster

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Fiat 500 Bellavista: l\

The Fiat 500 Bellavista is an exercise in style created by Madeindreams in cooperation with the students of the Polytechnic Univresity of Milan. The rendering of the car shows sinuous lines that are typical of concept car while retaining the main distinguishing features of the model it is based on, with the proportions of the volumes that have been carefully developed to keep the car well balanced and pleasant to the eye.

This particular rendition of the Fiat 500 is a two-seater roadster designed to be enjoyed in warm countries and with the intention of housing the 1.4-liter T-Jet engine of the 500 Abarth, which would be mated to a new triangular tailpipe that recalls the style of some other sporty cars currently on the market. The front features a brand new bumper with a large central air-inlet and an aerodynamic insert made of carbon fiber that blends gracefully with the grille, while at the sides of that big mouth we see two air vents in charge of cooling the brakes. The track has been widened too, which implied the addition of bigger fenders as well.

The rear section of the car got almost completely redesigned, with a brand new and aerodynamic piece of fairing behind the seat headrest, a new spoiler and a diffuser made of carbon fiber. The 500 Bellavista project was entirely developed by the students of the Master in Transportation and Automobile Design of the ‘Politecnico’ along with the automotive design team of Madeindreams.

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