Volkswagen Passat CC: spy shots from a reader

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Foto spia Volkswagen Passat CC

A reader of our parentsite sent us a few spy shots of a mysterious Volkswagen Passat CC spotted in the diminutive town of Campi Salentina, in southern Italy, more precisely on the heel of the Italian boot. The model had German a number plate (with the German border being something like 1000 miles away), a sticker that reads “4″ on the windshield, a weird yellow stencil with a red number 12, a green symbol and the highway pass. In addition, next to the license plate at the rear, there was a weird barcode. So, what is it?

The truth is, we cannot be sure. Surely that’s not ordinary an VW Passat, that’s safe to say, but we are unable to judge what’s exactly going on there. There might be a brand new platform hidden under that bodywork, or perhaps it is just a new or different version of the CC currently in the works. Speculating would get us in dangerous waters, but what we can tell for sure is that this mule was spotted just a few kilometers away from the Nardò test track, which has been recently purchased by Porsche. Having said that, our guess would be just as good as yours..

Foto spia Volkswagen Passat CCFoto spia Volkswagen Passat CCFoto spia Volkswagen Passat CCFoto spia Volkswagen Passat CC

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