Summer and it's roadster time: Volkswagen to reveal central engine at Los Angeles show

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While we still know very little about this little job, a simple rumour is enough to get the heart going. We can now say that the future roadster developed by Lotus and Abarth will have a new competitor: at the next Los Angeles show, Volkswagon will present a sports concept with central engine and rear wheel drive.

And, according to the first reports, production will be put in the hands of an independent workshop, probably Karmann, to make the group’s offerings more flexible. Audi and Porsche will be able to develop the R4 and a 914 re-edition, maintaining costs without giving up alluminium chassis and refined technical solutions. In the photo is a similar prototype, the Volkswagon Ecoracer from 2005.

Via | Motorauthority (Thanks to Bugatti&91)

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