Audi: the Digital Rear View Mirror will debut on the production version R8 e-tron

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Audi Digital Rear View Mirror

The Digital Rear View Mirror must have excited Audi’s pilots and engineers a lot, because from the end of 2012 this unusual system will be introduced on production cars, starting from the R8 e-tron, which will make its debut around that time. The technology was recently introduced on the R18 Le Mans prototype, which lack of rear window and needed a system that could increase the drivers’ visual field. The Rear-View Mirror Digital includes a lightweight small camera placed at the rear of the vehicle, which is not sensitive to climatic changes. The camera’s location does not affect the aerodynamics of the car and the size of the lens (just a few millimetres) covers a field of vision larger than a standard rear-view mirror.

The camera transmits images to a 7.7-inch digital colour screen, built by Samsung and featuring AMOLED technology. The display is placed in the same position of a standard mirror, of which is a digital evolution, and can be enabled or disabled by the driver at any time. The software also minimise the risk of being dazzled by following vehicles. The Rear View Mirror Digital will debut, as stated before, on the R8 e-tron, while it remains unknown whether and when the system will be introduced on mass production cars.

Audi Digital Rear View MirrorAudi Digital Rear View MirrorAudi Digital Rear View MirrorAudi Digital Rear View Mirror

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