Amg Slc: NOT a Mercedes

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Such reminiscence, such poetic style” more than 50 years of SportLeicht haven’t changed the legendary Gullwing. Mercedes has decided to offere it again in 2010, exploiting the experience of Amg in creating a product worthy of replicating the success of the noble origins.

Car has obtained some technical data meaning we can better evaluate the proposition of this new coupé, offered last year in open air version, project code R197, with fabric roof. The SLC will be 4650mm long, 1950mm wide and only 1.25 metres tall with a wheel base of 2.7 metres. The numbers are similar to a Ferrari F430, though shorter by about 15 centimetres.

The weight distribution (48:52) will have transaxle advantage, with eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel differential. The close attention to overall mass means it will be lighter than an Slr.


No surprises under the bonnet, with the essential presence of a V8 6.3 litre at 570 hp and 650 Nm. It’s incredible to read that this is the first model offered branded just Amg, without the Mercedes emblem. So what will finally dress the grill…?

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