Rolls-Royce' customers won't buy any diesel-powered vehicles.

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Rolls Royce Phantom Series II

Rolls Royce says no to diesel. After the rejection of possible future hybrid and electric systems, it now appears that customers of the luxury British manufacturer do not want diesel-powered vehicles in the Rolls Royce range.

Autocar reports that Rolls-Royce received a negative feedback on diesel engines and its customers do not want to compromise with such a system, which seems like a cheap solution compared to more powerful petrol engines. “Don’t bring diesel anywhere near a Rolls-Royce, we won’t buy it.” These are the opinions of loyal and important customers in regard to the matter.

According to reliable sources of the British magazine, it also appears that Rolls Royce does not want to follow Aston Martin and Bentley’s decision to launch a SUV range. Rolls-Royce is not after sales volume and therefore does not need a new vehicle range to further expand its market.

Rolls Royce Phantom Series IIRolls Royce Phantom Series IIRolls Royce Phantom Series IIRolls Royce Phantom Series II

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