Fun Facts: 6 out of 20 of the Most-Watched Ads on YouTube are about Cars

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The site Adweek has made a list of the 20 most watched adverts of all times on YouTube, based on the highest number of views. It emerged that 6 out of 20 commercials on the list are about the automotive industry, which is a sector that can afford spending staggering figures on an ongoing basis to make short video clips. In 19th place with over 15 million views we find the Chrysler spot called Born of Fire, followed in 18th place by the Matthew’s Day Off video, made ​​by Honda and seen over 16 million times. Kia with Dancing Hamsters and Acura with Transactions are respectively at 16th and 15th place with 18 million views.

In eleventh place is Ken Block and the fifth series of Gymkhana (24 million views), while the hilarious Volkswagen ads called The Force comes in third place with 54 million views. In second place comes Evian with Roller Babies, while the absolute winner is the Angry Birds video game ad.

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